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AllOfMeholistic’s founder, Eileen,  has been described by many educationalists as motivated and dedicated to the needs of children.  With over 20 years experience in educational settings including Primary, Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Special Educational Needs, her main objective has been to show a child how beautiful  they are. She believes that with positive self-esteem comes happiness and, when happy - life flows!  

She has led teachers and teaching assistants in training courses in how to teach a sensory based curriculum.  When teaching in a vision impaired school she wrote and implemented a Pre-Formal Curriculum and Assessment package for children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.   This was based on the findings of the late Penny Lacey, an amazing advocate for PMLD children.

Where possible Eileen incorporates holistic therapies into her sessions using a number of relaxation techniques, including working with breath and meditation through stories.  She became a certified instructor for Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation after completing the course under the guidance of the wonderful and inspirational Giuliana Wheater’ (https://www.therapiesforspecialneeds.co.uk/).   With Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper, co-founders of Story Massage 

https://www.storymassage.co.uk/ ) she qualified as a Story Massage Instructor.  This is a beautiful way of reinforcing postive touch using simple massage strokes and stories, songs or poems.  

Eileen also delivers holistic therapy sessions for adults including Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

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